Ubiqod Platform

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Ubiqod allows users to interact with your business with IoT devices and QR codes at scale.

Connect your frontline workers & assets

Keep track of field operations and interact with remote workers is a hard work, especially when workers are not logged into a directory.

With Ubiqod you can configure and manage QR codes and IoT-devices in a single platform to connect your workers with your Apps and provide access to the right tool at the right place:

  • Supervise task achievement : enable frontline workers to simply press a button or scan a QR code to prove they have completed a task in a specific location. Proof of attendance is done by geofencing, secure QR codes or dedicated IoT devices.
  • Track your assets : generate QR codes to fix on your assets. Each time a user scans the code, you can display specific information, geolocate it or record a maintenance operation, protected by a PIN code
  • Create new services : automate service requests to make your users' lives easier. For instance, you can trigger the collection of an industrial dumpster in a factory with a simple secure QR code or an IoT button.

Collect feedback in public areas

Do you need to improve your online reputation and still have honest feedback from your customers?

With Ubiqod you can also create Points of Feedback to interact with your customers.

Satisfied ones will be redirected to public review websites, while negative comments will only be shared with you.

Trigger workflows with Power Automate connector

Connect your Power Apps and Power Automate Flows to Iot-devices and QR codes with the Ubiqod connector.