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Smartsheet empowers teams and organizations to move from idea to impact, fast.

Smartsheet (NYSE:SMAR) is a leading cloud-based platform for work execution, enabling teams and organizations to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work at scale, resulting in more efficient processes and better business outcomes. Smartsheet empowers better collaboration, accountability, innovation, and real-time visibility into what matters most, to make better decisions faster.

Smartsheet works with Microsoft Azure Active Directory giving you single sign-on using your Microsoft credentials. To learn more about how Smartsheet works with Microsoft products visit

NOTE: Smartsheet is a subscription-based service and requires either a free trial or paid account.

To learn more about Smartsheet, visit

Tips For Getting Started with Smartsheet

1. Import an existing MS Excel sheet

2. Import an existing MS Project file

3. Start with a Smartsheet customizable template, some examples include:

• Project Management Templates: Basic Project with Gantt Chart & Dependencies, Gantt Project with Hard Deadline

• Task Management Templates: Team Task List by Priority, Recurring Task List

• Event Planning Templates: Event Task List with Gantt Chart and Budget, Event Work Back and RACI

• Agile Project Management Templates: Basic Agile Project with Gantt Timeline

• Sales Templates: Simple Sales Pipeline, Sales Activity Tracker by Week

• Finance Templates: Expense Report, Monthly Budget Tracker, Balance Sheet

• HR: New Hire Checklist, Employee Info Tracker

• Recruiting: Job Candidate Tracker

• Marketing Templates: Marketing Campaign Analysis Rollup, SEO Checklist