Snap Vision Visual Search

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Supercharge product discoverability on mobile and desktop using our smart visual search tools.

Snap Vision is an intelligent fashion matching technology for enterprise retailers needing to increase online platform profitability, satisfy consumer purchase intent and improve digital customer experience.

Snap Vision improves product discoverability by displaying visually similar products based on items that consumers are looking to buy.

  • Show users what they really want to see. If you sell over 100 dresses, show them off, don't hide them. Our visual search tools showcase the most relevant items rather than the fastest selling, meaning that users are up to 30% more likely to convert.
  • Better product discoverability = better user experience. User experience really matters to your consumers; it's what makes them stick with you and shop again. Our visual search tools take consumers straight to the items they want to see - meaning they'll spend twice as long on your site.
  • Show off your long tail - you made those products for a reason. Your consumers rarely browse beyond the first few pages of your website. Our Snap Similar widget instantly showcases what users want to see, meaning that if an item is similar it will be placed front and center for your consumers, no matter where it sits on the rest of your site. Wave goodbye to discounting because of poor browsing visibility.
  • Make affiliate marketing work for you. You're paying for the traffic - make it work for you. When a consumer hits a product page which is sold out from an affiliate marketing link, show them similar items rather than a 404 page.
  • Have cutting edge AI without building it yourself. We've spent millions of pounds and decades of engineering time to bring these cutting edge visual search tools to market. As the only visual search company letting users filter by shape, we're constantly pushing the boundaries - and we're never going to hit you with update bills. We roll out all changes to our computer vision algorithms for free, forever. You shouldn't pay for research; that's our job.

Why Snap Vision

We've been providing visual search to publishers and retailers for over 8 years, and our proprietary technology allows retailers to bring visual search online, on mobile and instore. Snap Vision is the only platform in the market to combine deep neural net machine learning with mathematical heuristics to categorise and match specific product attributes without the need for human-readable meta data. This means users can see everything similar in your catalogue in under half a second, based on color, texture and shape... even if it's in your long-tail. We even break down these attributes so that users can focus in on the aspects of the clothing they love, and give you full visibility of the data on what's driving a customer to explore and purchase.