Softools Platform


Apps Platform as a Service

Softools enables Digital Transformation through its ‘zero code’ web application platform running on Microsoft Azure in the cloud. Choose from over 100 off-the-shelf apps or design (some available here on Appsource) , configure and deploy ‘business process’ web applications in hours without the need for programming.

Apps are instantly secure, scalable, integrated, mobile and off-line…. all running with the same great user interface.

Combine apps together to share data, perform lookups or have transactional and parent Apps (e.g. Customer & invoices) to produce complex systems with zero code apps

Use IoT Hub to aggregate data and use Apps to make intelligent decisions on the Masses of data the IoT devices return

Use the Softools API to pull in data from external systems

Solve the issue of Shadow IT by building Apps to replace legacy / 3rd party apps or Excel based critical business issues