Service Sheeft

oleh SPAN d.d.

Service Sheeft is a tool for efficient processing of key ITSM processes created in line with ITIL

Service Sheeft is a modern and responsive solution developed entirely on Microsoft technologies to be used as a software-as-a-service in Span Azure cloud. Essentially, Service Sheeft is a ticketing system focused on improving communication and collaboration when solving end-user related support issues. This solution was originally conceived as a tool for efficient automation of key ITSM processes in accordance with ITIL best practices and in compliance with ISO/IEC 20000. Based on 25 years of experience providing IT services, Span has determined that existing robust on-premises solutions simply haven’t been suitably optimized and decided to develop its own cloud-based product.

This new solution also had to meet all needs put forth by big service providers (large number of tickets, users, syncing with other systems, comprehensive and interactive reporting, etc.), provide complex role-based security, and at the same time be extremely flexible when implementing specific processes, as well as user-friendly with regard to operators and end-users.

Service Sheeft is being developed by a dedicated Span Development Team under the guidance of our Product Management colleagues who gather customer requests and drive the solution according to market needs.

Service Sheeft is competitively priced compared to renowned solutions such as BMC Remedy Service Management or ServiceNow, and certainly doesn’t lag behind in primary functionalities, as well as future development roadmap. One competitive advantage is the ability to configure numerous entities via interfaces (e.g. adding custom ticket fields, managing ticket workflow...), thereby avoiding additional development efforts and special customizations. Additional advantage is provided by hosting the solution in the widely-trusted Microsoft Azure Cloud.

There are numerous other perks of deploying and utilizing Service Sheeft in an organization: service catalogs, automated support processes, and leveraging user portal for registering requests which ultimately leads to faster response times and quicker ticket-solving. In the end, customers can expect increased productivity and reduced risk of financial loss.

Three basic user groups also benefit from using Service Sheeft: end-users get a simple and user-friendly portal as a unique point-of-contact with support, ability to communicate in real time without using email, with email communication still being available to those who need it, and can monitor the status of their support tickets. Operators are provided with a modern and streamlined interface for everyday work, specially developed thanks to Span's 25 years of support experience. Managers can use the application to access an aggregated view of tickets via a specialized portal, and a comprehensive set of reporting features, offering deep insight into the state of business processes covered by the application.