Spektra Systems LLC

SaaSify is a solution to help ISVs accelerate setting up their Transactable Offers on AMP.

Manage your Azure marketplace product offers with a single integrated solution

SaaSify solution helps to manage full lifecycle of your transactable offers in Azure marketplace. Combined with the signature white-glove support from Spektra Systems, you can go-live with your offer in less than two weeks.

Onboarding: Provide white-glove onboarding to Azure Marketplace. Helps different departments (Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Engineering, Security & Compliance) to understand the marketplace transact model and answer all their questions / address all concerns.

Offer Management: Manage your public & private offers seamlessly. Fine tune your pricing strategy with the recommendations provided by SaaSify.

Subscription Lifecycle Management: End-to-end lifecycle management of purchases, for customer initiated PAYG / public offers or pre-negotiated private offers with reference from your internal systems. Ability to hookup manual provisioning of SaaS services by operations team with notifications through email or integrations.

Integrated SaaS Provisioning: Automatically provision SaaS accounts in ISV owned cloud subscriptions or customer owned subscriptions.

Smart Metering: Manual or automated way to detect and report usage records. API integration (push or pull) as required.

Insights: Advanced analytics on transactions, payouts / collections, taxes, fees. Keep up-to date on subscription lifecycle events.


  Collaboration: Microsoft Teams, Slack

  CRM: Dynamics 365, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce