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Eye Tracking - Eye Testing

VeyeZER Graph is an assessment tool that uses the study of eye movements to provide valuable insight to the underlying factors causing reading impairments. The VeyeZER Graph application consists of software that runs on the HoloLens 2 headset and Azure.

VeyeZERGraph tracks saccades or eye movements

Saccadic eye movements are rapid movements of the eyes that abruptly change the point of fixation. These movements are natural when reading a passage of text. However, saccadic movements which indicate distraction (movements up and down), long periods of fixation on certain words, skipping words altogether – can point out why readers have trouble with comprehension. VeyeZER Graph uses data collected from saccadic eye movements to evaluate reading performance based on standardized norms for grade levels.

For Optometrists/Teachers

Eye Tracking tools play an essential role in evaluating factors affecting reading comprehension. VeyeZER™ Graph provides informative graphical data charting a subject’s reading skills in comparison to standardized grade-level averages. The hardware used is brand recognized technology noted for its appeal and durability. The application is user-friendly for both the subject and the clinician.

VeyeZER Graph is intended for USA audience and for use by Clinicians and Reading Teachers.

VeyeZER Graph is available in multiple languages currently 14 different languages - more can be added easily.

VeyeZER Graph utilizes Azure web, Azure Database, Microsoft Hololens,  Eye Tracking from Microsoft,  Azure Cognitive Services.