Squigl for Enterprise


Connect your teams to critical training, learning and HR content

Looking for a full enterprise training and learning solution to increase productivity and employee engagement?

Squigl whiteboard videos are a form of communication that has come to the forefront of training and learning. They’re-equipped with unique strategies to engage your employees, boost retention and deliver faster than you can imagine.

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Dual-Channel Learning 
Includes the simple fusion of speech and drawn images. It even plays well with other types of media. Whatever the look, whatever the content, we’re sharing your story in the most effective way possible with Squigl.
Automation and Science
Our videos are backed by AI and the neuroscience-based “Scribology” methodology to select keywords and animated images — facilitating deeper message retention than other high-quality styles of video.
All the tools you need
Squigl Whiteboard videos include everything you need and many things
you want. And with the efficiency of AI to aid your L&D and HR teams, we deliver more minutes of content, faster — at a lower cost per video.
Why customers use Squigl
  • Increased employee engagement with just-in-time information
  • Highly engaged learners, increased training and compliance completion rates
  • Improved job performance and understanding, measurable increase by offering content through a variety of mediums
Squigl is integrated with Microsoft Teams allowing you to directly share your videos with your learners to improve employee engagement, productivity, and efficiency.
Squigl also works with Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.
Learn more at The app requires AAD admin permissions.