SSB Central Intelligence

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SSB Central Intelligence for Education

Optimize Performance in Athletics, Foundation/Fundraising, and Student Success by Solving Critical Data Issues and Implementing Master Data Management on Campus
Summary of Offering:

  •  Azure Data Warehouse
  •  Business Intelligence/Analytics
  •  System Integrations
  •  Master Data Management

SSB’s Central Intelligence Platform (CI) is an Azure-based SaaS platform that serves as the gateway to leverage optimal business intelligence and insights from multiple, disparate data sets across a department or departments to maximize positive business outcomes.  Integrating, cleaning, and standardizing the data from the disparate data sets and applying Master Data Management and Business Rules create a single view of each constituent and a single source of the truth for the department.  CI empowers the organization to make better business decisions in areas like reporting, predicting, targeting, engaging, etc.…

Target Audience: 

  • Universities
  •  Athletic Departments
  •  Fundraising/Foundation Departments
  •  Student Success
  • Professional Sports Organizations

A university utilizes many different platforms to conduct its day-to-day business operations; each platform performs necessary operations and contains valuable data.  Aggregating, cleaning, and standardizing the data across the department ecosystem and applying business rules to the data, CI creates a single record of each constituent and a single source of truth.  The complete and accurate view of each constituent enables the university as a whole and each individual department within the university to engage each constituent appropriately and effectively resulting in positive impacts on business outcomes in areas including:

  •  Fundraising Efforts
  •  Ticket Sales
  •  Membership
  •  Merchandise Sales
  •  Quality of Engagement
  •  Event Attendance
  •  Student Success
  •  Reporting accuracy and timeliness