Stibo Systems Customer MDM

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Customer MDM enables businesses to consolidate, cleanse, enhance and govern customer data

Stibo Systems Customer Master Data Management (Customer MDM) consolidates, cleanses, enhances and governs customer data, enabling you to gain a better understanding of your customers. It gives businesses (Retailers, etc.) deeper insights into consumers’ history and preferences, while providing B2B companies a consolidated view of their direct and indirect customers.

Key benefits of Customer MDM
  • Enhance existing systems : Improve your CRM, ERP, BI/analytics, eCommerce and more with a single version of the truth by creating, sustaining and governing Golden Records for use throughout the enterprise.
  • Ensure compliance : Mitigate risk and adhere to regulatory compliance mandates, such as GDPR and CCPA, with better control over data.
  • Optimize the customer experience : Deliver personalized experiences using a single, consolidated view of the customer. With a complete understanding of your target audience, you gain better engagement through deep insight.
  • Improve loyalty and marketing programs : Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by leveraging customer information for better targeted campaigns and offerings.
  • Drive revenue and growth : Better understand all relationships and engagements – and improve cross-sell and upsell opportunities – by leveraging a single, 360° view of customers across the enterprise.
  • Increase efficiency : Reduce manual, time-consuming quality checks and optimize end-to-end processes, such as customer onboarding and order to cash, with automated workflows and decreased error rates.
  • Facilitate mergers and acquisitions : Reduce time and cost associated with integrating legacy systems and data from acquired companies, merging key operational data in months rather than years.
  • Enable data enrichment : Use pre-built integrations with third-party vendors to boost overall data quality and gain in-depth insight to make data more actionable.
  • Gain customer insight : Truly understand the entire customer base by resolving, enriching and relating indirect and direct customers holistically.
  • Master multiple data domains : Leverage a single, application-agnostic multidomain platform to add and synergize several domains and entity types