Sutherland Engage

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Sutherland Engage: Maximize customer engagement and LTV while driving revenues and margin

By 2020, most customers will value the experience retailers provide them more than their products or prices. This means retailers must understand and meet their current and future needs, and always be ready to resolve issues immediately; any time, any place, anywhere.

Sutherland Engage is Sutherland’s next-generation cloud-based omnichannel customer experience management platform on Azure. Engage is a first-of-its-kind, holistic, intelligent and integrated solution that provides businesses a 360-degree view of their customer’s journey across all channels, assisted or automated, and drives lifetime value with every customer interaction.

Engage quickly solves complex business problems by maintaining the integrity of the customer’s journey end-to-end, predicting the shopper’s intent and recommending next best actions to always deliver personalized experiences.

It can easily integrate with enterprise applications, to leverage existing customer data, process through the predictive analytics layer to personalize customer journeys, and, in turn, spur sales, build customer loyalty, increase lifetime value, and keep a laser focus on NPS scores.

Engage helps to digitally analyze, curate and manage customer investments to deliver differentiated experiences that drives revenue and protects margin.

Engage on Azure brings you flexibility and agility to retire your Azure contracts through massive data storage and processing power.


Personalized Customer Engagement

• A single cross-dimensional view of interactions across all channels
• Proactive appeasements using preferred touch points
• Tailored and personalized interactions

Maximize Conversions, LTV, and Revenue

• Analytically derived, hyper personalized Customer Strategies
• Product Recommendations that resonate with individual preferences
• Contextual Next Best Actions to drive Loyalty and maximize revenues

Increase CSAT and Reduce Associate Effort

• Automated workflows; dynamic routing; context aware intelligent unified desktop
• Delivers a seamless customer experience
• Enables Product Ambassadors