TCS Truck Load Optimization

oleh TCS - Consumer Goods

Optimizes the vehicle capacity utilization , transportation cost and carbon footprint reduction

TCS Truck Load Optimization enables better customer service through collaboration of CPG companies & their downstream supply chain partners. Truck Load Optimization is a technology agnostic, modular, scalable & configurable solution that provides Supply Chain Transformation with its wide range of solution features. It improves supply chain KPIs such as Truck Load Utilization, efficient distribution, and reduced freight costs.

In today’s hyper-volatile market, supply chain dynamics play a determining role across industries. It is imperative for businesses to invest in smooth, predictable product flow from procurement to delivery with a concrete transportation strategy in place. However, high transportation costs due to disintegrated and unstable supply chains, lack of real-time visibility into truck availability and load utilization and sub-optimal third-party logistical (3PL) allocation driven by contractual obligations are some of the challenges that impede transport operations. This also results in an increased carbon footprint and high execution time across the value chain.

TCS Truck Load Optimization (TLO) and Transporter Management System uses MILP, truck analytics, product mix and transporter data to help centralize the transport planning process, provide a single pane of view into truck and transport operations, and reduce overall transportation cost. TLO enables transporter planning based on monthly shipment forecast, 24-hour advance planning and real-time load optimization based on volume, weight or both. It also provides management solutions for optimal execution, bills and claims management and truck order management. With real-time qualitative and quantitative metrics scorecards and KPIs, TCS addresses service performance initiatives.