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Digital Twin SaaS solution for Sustainable, Flexible & Market-linked Power Generation

Solution overview:

TCS IP2 is a SaaS offering consisting of a pre-built power plant analytics platform and purpose-built use cases on top of it. It combines AI, ML, IoT and Digital Twin technologies to provide precise decision support to operate & maintain thermal and renewable power plants optimally, improving their efficiency, reliability, availability, flexibility, cutting down emissions and keeping operating costs low - all without any cap-ex heavy investments or hardware changes.


How does it work?

It collects historic and real-time data from plant historian, EAM and other OT systems, and the digital twins analyze 3000+ of sensor inputs & 20,000+ combinations in real time to provide action advisory for operators in partial and full-load operating conditions. This intelligent, scalable, modular, equipment agnostic digital solution can be deployed with any type of equipment or control systems.

TCS IP2 Modules & features:

Build on micro services based architecture, TCS IP2 is a completely modular solution comprising of the following licensable modules:

  • IP2 Insight: Connects to plant historians and the cloud data lake for data ingestion and provides real time KPI and PPI monitoring along with plant level heat rate diagnostics, what-if analysis and custom reports.
  • IP2 Optimizer: Recommends optimization set points to improve efficiency, reduce auxiliary power use, cut emissions and more, in real time.
  • IP2 Asset Performance Management: Estimates asset health score, detect anomalies, perform predictive maintenance and use real time FMEA for root cause analysis.
  • IP2 Studio: Provides codeless work bench for end users to create, manage and tune machine learning models throughout the lifecycle and create custom business use cases.
  • IP2 Digital Worker: Track lone workers with wearables and deliver remote collaboration, inspection, monitoring and training use cases with interactive 3D models and augmented reality.

Customer Success:

Till date, TCS IP2 has delivered immense value to customers—reducing operational and maintenance costs by 2-3%, improving plant efficiency by ~1%, cutting down emissions by 9%, predicting failures with more than 85% accuracy and helping utilities save upwards of $3 million per GW/Yr.


  • TCS IP2 is an excellent example of how new technologies, like digital twin and AI, can support critical plant assets that now are operated in ways that were never anticipated when these plants and their support systems were designed.” - Harry Forbes, ARC Advisory