Rentsoft Meter for Licensing Efficiency

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By The Business Software Centre

Rentsoft Meter™ is an industry leading solution helping businesses with software licensing efficiency, making it easy to manage your product licensing usage and spending. 
The key Features of Rentsoft Meter include:

  • Measure software usage by the minute.
  • Cloud based software usage metering solution
  • Quick and easy deploy, business user focused
  • Scalable for the largest of organisations
  • Powerful integration capabilities to Microsoft Excel for reporting and analysis

The top benefits:

  • Save money on software licenses.
  • Identify exactly how much money is wasted by application and business area
  • Easy to view spreadsheet of unused licenses
  • Create a detailed list of devices for re-harvesting & re-negotiation of contracts

A study from the University of Portsmouth found 70% of organisations renewing their licensing contracts without tracking what they use, this leaves a large percentage of businesses at risk of losing money and compliancy. At The Business Software Centre we want you to achieve efficiency with our simple philosophy, ‘pay for the software you use and use the software you are paying for.’ With our product Rentsoft Meter, you can do just that.