Thinglink for digital content professionals


Unduh add-in gratis dengan kemampuan penuh saat Anda mendapatkan Thinglink for digital content professionals:

Easily create interactive visual media experiences for marketing and communications

This single-user license allows for quick & easy creation of interactive visuals as well as tracking how viewers interact with your content in various embed locations. 

Editors, freelancers and digital content specialists in thousands of organizations use ThingLink to create interactive maps, infographics, timelines, resumes, introductions, presentations, and much more!  Our platform requires no advanced skills or coding experience, it saves time and money, and improves results in visual content production project of all sorts. 

How does it work? Upload your image to ThingLink, select from our image database, or create a new design with Canva, which is integrated directly in the ThingLink creation flow. Then enrich it with text, audio, video, call-to-action links, quizzes, or any other media that will make the experience more engaging! ThingLink images are fully responsive and can be shared through embed code to websites, or they can be opened directly via ThingLink on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and large touch screens.   

Interested in annotating virtual tours, 3D models, or activating ThingLink for larger teams, higher traffic websites or multiple domains? Drop us a mail at