Thinking Machine IT, Cloud & Telecom Cost-Savings Platform

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AI cost-savings platform with automated audits to fix value leakage on your Telco,Cloud& IT services

Hello, welcome to Thinking Machine.

If you work in IT Procurement, there are 5 key areas your business is losing money on every day:
  • Price Schedule Selections
  • Billing Errors
  • Service Utilization
  • Service Ownership
  • Product Configurations
These areas are largely hidden to you because no single person is responsible for managing them, but if you could solve the value leakage in these 5 key areas, what would you gain?
  • Secure 15% savings from existing contracts that you can sustain,
  • New contracts with vendors negotiated 30% cheaper,
  • Consolidated contract & invoice insights to power and improve your business strategies.
You could hit your savings target results every year!
All you need is the right visibility, but the data for that visibility is buried in contract documents and invoices from various departments, rarely stored in the same place let alone the same languages.
That's where we come in.
Thinking Machine is an AI platform designed to make cost savings a simple and continuous outcome that is closely tied to your strategic needs.
All your team needs to do is upload detailed copies of your documents and we tak care of everything else. We'll provide cost saving opportunities with packaged execution, and an easy-to-read dashboard connecting the spend of all of your global regions.
Get in touch now to get a free savings report to help prove your business case to your company and start saving in under 30 days!