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Get service departments working together with TOPdesk’s Enterprise Service Management software.

Give customers the best of all worlds

What if your customers could easily get answers to all their IT, Facilities, HR or other service questions in one place? Without having to search for the right channel or person?

TOPdesk’s Enterprise Service Management software (ESM) lets your service teams join forces and process requests from a single platform. With customer support streamlined across your business, you’ll solve problems faster, communicate better, and offer more value to your customer.

One-stop-shop for all service requests

  • Log any question or request they have, no matter the topic. A ticket is automatically sent to the right team or agent, and customers can track the status via the portal.
  • Browse a webshop-style service catalog and request services, from room reservations to contract changes.
  • Find answers to straightforward questions thanks to the knowledge base and FAQs.

One tool at the centre of your service delivery

Processing all incoming requests in the same tool means better cross-departmental collaboration and smoother customer interactions. TOPdesk lets you easily assign and share calls, gain insight into joint projects, and leverage knowledge – both between your service teams, and with external parties like suppliers.

Suitable for any department

Integrate with the tools you love

Shared but secure

Our people make the difference

Our software helps you help your customers. But TOPdesk is a lot more than just a tool. Our people have been helping organizations around the globe improve their service delivery since 1993. We care about your success, and it’s reflected in our customer satisfaction ratings. We’re here for you every step of the way.