Customer Explorer Analytics (an AI-powered customer insights solution) by Tredence

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Get the bigger picture and sharper segmentation with 360° customer data insights.

Creating cohorts of customers by profiling them based on demographic, behavioral, and transactional data for effective marketing campaigns to drive growth and improve the customer experience

Objective: Develop a custom web application to create, save, and export customer segments on the fly using rule-based business logic and ML-based modelling by ingesting and processing the customer data attributes.

Key Challenges:

  • Higher campaign build cycle due to manual processing of segments by sourcing data from different tools and systems
  • Marketing associates apply their gut intuition to filter through customers and do minimal rule-based business logic for campaign outreach.
  • Suboptimal customer targeting leads to slow growth and less customer satisfaction.

How do we address challenges?

AI-powered customer insights solutions that helps you drive impactful campaigns with precise targeting and automated activation

  • Create and save segments: Customize, create, save, and update customer segments based on focus area, using business rules and real-time insights. Capture the attention of each customer by leveraging deep behavioral insights for their segment and speed up time-to-impact of the marketing campaigns.
  • Gather CX insights: Leverage advanced ML algorithms to mine deep behavioral insights through integrated analysis of persona-based customer data. Incorporate third party and customer profile data for predicting customer behavior to turn insights into effective campaigns.
  • Segment analysis and comparison: Conduct in-depth segment analysis to identify the key customer data insights. Compare and contrast the key profile and behavior traits across segments to help solve specific problems for each segment. Build better campaigns every time through differentiated targeting based on insights from the segments.
  • Export segments: Enable your marketing activation platforms to create impactful and precisely-targeted campaigns by exporting the audience segmentation insights to the customer insights platform. Share information across marketing teams and platforms to create nuanced campaigns that increase loyalty and brand recall.

Why Us?

  • Real-time analysis of 360° customer data
  • End-to-end analytics for marketers to compare and contrast profile & behaviors of multiple segments
  • Custom-built segmentation pages to set up campaigns within hours