Wearable SaaS for Firstline workers

oleh Trnpk Sweden AB

Connecting Firstline workers making them more successful and efficient resulting in increased sales.

A Wearable SaaS-solution for Firstline workers

Digitally connect Firstline workers, making them more successful, efficient, satisfied and safe at work. Our solution is cost-efficient, flexible and offers a perfect fit for Firstline workers' needs. Resulting in increased customer satisfaction, efficiency and sales.


We empower retail staff with a sixth sense by connecting store IoT sensors, PoS and AI cameras, so staff and customers can interact at the right place and time.

The wearable devices simply nudge staff with smart information and recommendations gathered on real-time data. Communication works at a glance without pulling staff away from the customer's face to face interaction. This experience means higher customer satisfaction and increased conversion.


The use of cloud-connected wearable technologies is focusing on getting people, performance, production and compliance smarter.

The Turnpike solution grants workplace safety and smart manufacturing by looking at new ways of automatization and smarter workflows. The wearable can detect appropriate actions, at the moment it's needed. This means built-in access to buildings, machine monitoring and automating work protocols. The use cases preventing everything from work injuries to thousands of lost time incidents that annually, significantly reduces productivity.

Corporate IT professionals

•      Open platform with built-in connectors to leading IoT devices, enterprise platforms, and developer APIs

•      Runs in browsers, on PCs & mobile devices

•      Built on Microsoft Azure with integration to Azure IoT, IoT Edge & Teams/Shifts

•      Managed service that’s easy to integrate into your enterprise systems & use APIs for additional integrations

Enterprise SaaS

•      Enables managers to easily leverage digital investments to make their teams successful, connected & secure

•      Schedule shifts, set actions, tasks & reminders, send messages, track progress

•      Leverage IoT technologies for a sixth sense – see where you couldn’t before, communicate & affect real-time action or trigger business processes