Tufin SecureCloud

Tufin Software North America Inc

Enable security teams to gain visibility, establish security guardrails and achieve compliance

Tufin SecureCloud enables security teams to gain visibility into their cloud security posture, establish security guardrails and achieve continuous compliance, without compromising the business benefits of cloud computing. With SecureCloud you can make your agile environments, public clouds, and Kubernetes secure without getting in the way of developer productivity or creating roadblock to cloud process automation. 

This service is ideal for you, if: 

  • You are responsible for securing cloud workloads across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments 
  • You are responsible for protecting cloud assets  
  • You are responsible for deploying/managing /monitoring microservices in cloud environment 
  • You are responsible for managing security groups and tagging policies 

The benefits of Tufin SecureCloud Solution: 
  • Much Lower Total Cost of Ownership 
    • Does not add new management plane (CNAF) 
    • Compute resources minimal vs running CNAF) 
  • No Vendor Lock-in 
    • Future-proofs investments made today by having flexibility to use and leverage capabilities coming to market soon 
    • Supports and encourages cloud-native controls to reap full benefits of the cloud platform 
  • Accelerate Digital transformations/Cloud adoption 
    • Enhances CI/CD processes (devops) 
    • Complements cloud platform and K8s offerings