IA-Connect for Power Automate

Ultima Business Solutions

Extend your Power Automate cloud flows to on-prem systems seamlessly and easily with IA-Connect

 We often get asked by customers when IA-Connect will support Microsoft Power Automate as the Microsoft automation platform wins favour with more and more organisations.

So, when Microsoft invited Ultima Labs to take part in an exclusive Power Platform Virtual Hackathon, we jumped at the opportunity. The three-day event enabled us to work closely with Microsoft experts to focus on accelerating our R&D efforts and subsequently our solution development.

The results were beyond the expectations of Ultima Labs and Microsoft with direct and seamless integration of the two solutions. And this was the start of something powerful with Microsoft describing Ultima Labs as “one of the lead partners for automation and RPA in Microsoft Technologies”.

With Power Automate and IA-Connect working together, customers can now create cloud flows that automate cloud services as well as on-premises systems – all from within the same flow. We call these Hybrid Cloud Flows.

Hybrid Cloud Flows
Your automations can now be extended to on-prem systems too. And best of all, you can do this from directly within your cloud flows themselves.

Automate More
With support for SAP, Mainframe, Java and bespoke applications, you can now automate systems that were previously impossible with our advanced RPA capability.

Simple and Intuitive
Our mouse-driven cloud flow development tool means that hybrid cloud flows are easy, even for bespoke applications and those with no APIs.

What is IA-Connect?
For those of you who are new to it, IA-Connect integrates with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platforms to add advanced capabilities such as the automation of Citrix or RDS-hosted applications and advanced Java, Mainframe and SAP automation support.

At Ultima, we’re committed to enabling our clients to adopt technologies such as RPA and AI, and to help scale the usage of these technologies internally. Therefore, removing barriers to entry, reducing cost and effort during the development process and providing an end-to-end service is important to us. As one of only a handful of Citrix Platinum Partners worldwide and a 13x Microsoft Gold Partner, Ultima has a developed a deep understanding of Citrix and Microsoft RDS and as such has launched Remote Session Automation. Leveraging our pedigree, Remote Session Automation has been developed in-house and provides us, and our clients, the ability to automate processes in practically the same manner as any other RPA development, by tunnelling through existing Citrix or RDS connections.