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A modern maintenance & asset management SaaS, ranked #1 Leader in CMMS by G2.

Take control of your maintenance with UpKeep

Tired of equipment breakdowns? Ready to embrace Industry 4.0 and take control of your maintenance? 

UpKeep is a CMMS trusted by 400,000 users and ranked #1 Leader in CMMS by G2. Take control of your maintenance through our work order scheduling, asset management features, and sensor-driven insights from our UpKeep Edge IoT platform. 
Powered by Azure, UpKeep Edge helps you automate your maintenance programs and identify issues you would have never thought of.


UpKeep offers core maintenance features so that you can take control of your maintenance. Here are a few of these features:
  • Work orders. Technicians can easily document & perform work orders using the UpKeep mobile app. Add parts, log hours, import checklists and files -- all in a work order.
  • Assets. Keep track of all details of your assets, including downtime calculations, QR codes, meters, locations, and more.
  • Inventory & purchase orders. Create and approve purchase order requisitions when anything in your inventory.goes out of stock. 
  • Analytics. Understand your work order performance, generate reports on your asset metrics, and prevent unnecessary expenses. Our analytics dashboard enables you to hit your maintenance KPIs and stay compliant.
  • IoT sensors & Edge. Use UpKeep's sensors and the Edge platform to ensure your equipments are in good health 24/7. Get real-time asset monitoring from anywhere in the world.

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