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Office supercharged: produce high-quality reports and presentations faster

UpSlide is the all-in-one solution for document automation in Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, Word and Outlook. With over 65 features, UpSlide empowers teams to create more accurate, on-brand documents in less time. Each feature is accessible via a user-friendly ribbon that’s seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365 applications.

UpSlide empowers business to:
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy with automated data updates between Excel or Power BI and PowerPoint or Word.
  • Easily access, search for and update all best-practice corporate material via a central source directly within PowerPoint, Word and Excel.
  • Ensure brand compliance across all company material by giving teams the tools to create high-quality, consistent client-facing documents.

For the last 12+ years, UpSlide has been supporting clients like KPMG, UniCredit, BNP Paribas, Citi, and many more to boost efficiency and empower teams to focus on more rewarding tasks. More than 850 teams in over 60 countries have already adopted UpSlide to revolutionise their use of Microsoft 365.