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UST QE360 is an end-to-end AI-driven cloud-native quality engineering platform.

UST QE360 is an AI-driven cloud-native quality engineering platform. By blending speed, intelligence, and reliability, UST QE360 drastically slashes costs while boosting software quality. The innovative features of QE 360 empowers engineers, improves efficiency, reduces rework expenses, and elevates the user experience effortlessly.
UST QE360 meets the evolving demands of automation for applications hosted in Azure by fostering consistently convenient collaboration among various teams such as Business, Development, Quality Assurance, and other project stakeholders. Our multiple development support caters to both the functional and non-functional requirements of enterprise-level Azure-hosted applications. This automation solution seamlessly integrates with Azure DevOps plugins to facilitate a smooth implementation of DevOps practices.
We've meticulously refined and enriched our comprehensive QE platform, QE360, ensuring it aligns with dynamic requirements.

Key Benefits
  1. Enjoy a hassle-free plug-and-play architecture, fully equipped with pre-built Azure integrations.
  2. Accelerate Azure DevOps implementation with stage-gating, pre-configured workflows, and thresholds.
  3. Achieve comprehensive certification for your Azure-hosted applications through our 360-degree automation, supporting a wide array of testing types as below:
    • Azure Infrastructure Validation | Resource Configuration Checks (VMs, IAM and others) | Connectivity Checks, Port Checks, Inbound/Outbound Checks, Server Build
    • Configurations access/Security Groups
    • Operational Readiness Testing | Alerts Logging and Monitoring
    • Data Migration Validation | Replication Data, Meta Data, Schema validations | Reconciliation (count) | Report & Dashboard Validation (selective data and sample reports) | Smoke testing of Incremental Updates
    • Application/Functional Validation | API Testing | Integration | Regression & End to End Testing
    • Performance | Resiliency | Security Testing
4. Reduce the time to resolution for issues in requirement, code, and tests through early testing.
5. Slash feedback cycle times by 40% with early testing and continuous quality monitoring.
6. Quickly generate comprehensive test strategies leveraging GEN AI.
7. Minimize business risk by leveraging real-time product quality analytics.
8. Obtain multi-layered quality insights for complete visibility into enterprise quality.
9. Maximize testing and automation budgets by leveraging our reuse capabilities across heterogeneous channels.
10. Enhance consumer experience by validating business processes across multiple digital channels.
11. Generate insightful digital experience reports covering accessibility, performance, and user sentiments.
12. Cut down test maintenance efforts by 40% with our AI-driven approach, freeing up time for more critical tasks.
13. Enable earlier identification of application defects by enabling continuous testing on daily/weekly builds.
14. Reduce script development cost by 30% by improving script development productivity through reuse - leveraging baseline to measure continuous service
15. Support automation of End-to-End test life cycle activities with the flexibility to choose between scripted and scriptless automation.
16. Automate test data generation, as Gen AI automates the creation of test data, saving time and effort.
17. Save time and effort with our automated test optimizer, reducing optimization efforts by 80% and ensuring maximum coverage with fewer tests.

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