V-OS App Protection


Mobile Application Protection

V-Key is a global leader in software-based digital security. Recognised by Gartner, validated by FIPS 140-2 NIST Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP), certified by Common Criteria EAL3+ and accredited by the IMDA of Singapore and SG:D. V-Key is the inventor of V-OS, the world's first Virtual Secure Element. 
Building upon V-OS, the world's first and only true patented Virtual Secure Element, V-Key has developed a highly secure framework that integrates with mobile apps to secure them against advanced persistent threats, trojans, and root kits. V-Key implemented a tamper-prevention, detection, and response layer, named V-OS App Protection. This layer is implemented as Assembly codes within the virtual machine and includes anti-reverse engineering and anti-static analysis techniques such as binary code morphing, anti-debugging techniques, jailbreak and trojan detection techniques, and anti-API hooking checks. These provide a trusted environment for the sandbox to operate and ensure that the sandbox and the phone have not been tampered with. 
V-OS App Protection implements several best-of-breed techniques to ensure a trusted mobile environment. These include several jailbreak / root-detection techniques, combinations of heuristic and signature-based detections for possible malware, & functional checks to validate the integrity of the underlying mobile operating system. Several of these techniques are also unique to V-OS App Protection. For example, V-OS app protection is able to identify the libraries loaded by jailbreak tweaks & trojans into the current application; this is particularly important in a sandboxed environment typical in a modern mobile operating system where an application may not have full access to system applications, folders, and files. In instances when tampering or an untrusted mobile environment has been detected, the sandbox can respond by disabling usage of the sandbox, zeroing the cryptographic information or other security parameters, or generating responses that inform a third-party of the attempted tampering, depending on the requirements of the mobile app. The V-OS & App Protection layers make it extremely difficult for an attacker to gain access to the critical data, even with full access to the mobile phone. We are able to do this because the interaction of the secured virtual machine model & the dynamic protection mechanisms maintains control over the mobile environment and denies an attacker the ability to control the virtual machine execution flow for analysis. V-OS secures sensitive processing & data, ensuring app integrity when deployed, & safeguarding user privacy even if the device is lost or compromised. 
With V-OS Cloud, customers can deploy the same powerful V-OS App Protection without additional V-Key servers on premise. This reduces total cost of ownership, shortens time to go-live, and simplifies support. #strongerwithvos