VERSO Recruiting Management

oleh Verso Inc.

Receive, Assign and Manage staffing request from clients through customized workflow

Through the VERSO portal, your customers submit Talent Requests and complete the mandatory information as dictated by you. These Talent Request are received by your internal staff, evaluated, and assigned to as many recruiters and subcontractors as you prefer, based on job criteria, performance, etc. These talent “suppliers” submit their candidates to the portal, completing mandatory and ancillary information. With VERSO, you manage a SINGLE request and workflow, eliminating the cumbersome and time-consuming process of multiple emails, email boxes, email responses, phone calls, clarifications, etc. Information visibility is controlled by you, with suppliers only privy to the information that submitted, and customers only privy to information you want them to see.

With VERSO – you reduce cost, accelerate responsiveness, eliminate confusion, and create client engagement, resulting in a higher level of revenue generation.