oleh Vineforce, Inc

All-in-one work management solution for Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Vineforce is a comprehensive work management solution for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams that seamlessly combines project and team management into one user-friendly platform.

Here are some of the ways Vineforce can help you regain control of your day:

  1. Workday planning - Vineforce uses data from your Microsoft 365 account and daily activities to help you plan your day more effectively. It suggests relevant tasks, times to take breaks, the optimal number of tasks to add to your day, or when to block out your calendar to learn new skills.
  2. Work management - See all your tasks, breaks, and meetings for the day in one adjustable view. Join, reschedule meetings or postpone tasks as priorities change, and tasks you don't get to today automatically roll over to the next day.
  3. Project management - Coordinate projects easily by assigning tasks to your team and attaching files/links to any task or project.  Efficiently monitor your team's progress through automatic updates upon completion of tasks and organize large projects into manageable sections for enhanced visibility.
  4. Team management - Receive real-time insight into your team's availability, establish schedules suitable for remote work and monitor daily tasks and progress in one place.
  5. Document management - Access all your files stored in OneDrive, SharePoint, and email attachments from a single searchable interface by facilitating effortless access to frequently used files by establishing shortcuts and simplifying the process of creating and working on files by converting them into tasks.
  6. Work reports - Obtain a daily report from each team member detailing their daily accomplishments, any encountered obstacles, and their plans for the following day.
  7. Notifications and reminders - Use Vinny, the Vineforce bot for Microsoft Teams, to create reminders to keep track of important activities. Vinny notifies you automatically about upcoming meetings, breaks, tasks assigned by teammates, and when it’s time to sign out for the day.


  1. Do you offer a free trial?
    • Yes, we offer a 15-day free trial.
  2. Do I need Microsoft 365 to use Vineforce?
    • Yes, as Vineforce was built with the integration & consideration of M365 apps.
  3. Do you provide migration from G-suite to Microsoft 365?
    • Yes, we can migrate you from Microsoft 365 and bundle the cost with your Vineforce subscription. Schedule a quick call with us.
  4. What comes with your free Microsoft 365 support?
    • Our support includes basic troubleshooting & training on all M365 apps except Power BI training and domain issues with Exchange.
  5. Can I cancel at any time?
    • Yes, you can. No questions asked.
  6. What if I have more questions?