Voice Predictive Analysis


Discover people's true behavior and intentions with Voicesense predictive analytics

VoiceSense technology offers predictive behavioral analytics, based on acoustic speech analysis. 

The core technology, developed after years of research, links typical speech patterns to typical behavioral patterns. By analyzing a person’s vocal patterns in real-time, the system can determine the person’s typical behavioral tendencies and predict the probability for future behaviors of the person. 

The technology is patented worldwide (granted). Its main elements include unique acoustic signal processing (speech prosody) and algorithmic machine learning (artificial intelligence). 

The operational system provides automatic, remote, language independent and real-time analysis, and supports a combination of cloud, on-premise and mobile architectures. The system is compliant with various regulative standards including ISO, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.  

The commercial uses of the technology include three main industries: Healthcare – remote tracking and screening of depression and other mental health states; Fintech – predicting future risk for loan default, collections default and insurance claiming; Enterprise – predicting probability for consumer future behaviors (online buying, buying style, churn) and for employee future behaviors (fit to job, performance, burnout, attrition). 

The technology was successfully validated in clinical trials to reflect mental-health states and in various enterprise case studies to show proof of concept in predicting consumer, employee and financial behaviors (e.g. financial default, fraud, employee burnout & attrition, personality & working profile, well-being, customer dissatisfaction and more).