The Asset Guardian (TAG) CMMS-EAM Mobility Suite

Verosoft Design INC. (VSD)

Cloud-based CMMS-EAM to manage asset maintenance from anywhere, anytime.

Discover an easy-to-use technology suite that allows you to painlessly move away from paper and towards the power of digital asset maintenance management.

TAG’s Mobility Suite puts all the power and interconnectivity of TAG CMMS software into the hands of maintenance technicians, maintenance managers, maintenance requestors, and service customers

Companies across all industries have benefited from TAG’s Mobility Suite unbeatable UX experience to facilitate the adoption of CMMS by maintenance teams—regardless of their IT skills. 

Powered by Azure, it is a powerful suite of role-based interfaces allowing maintenance teams to track, plan and manage work orders, maintenance requests, preventive maintenance, equipment data, schedules, personnel, inventory, and more from a central and always-accessible tool (even without a connection to the Internet!)

Use TAG Mobility Suite to streamline maintenance operations, enable instant communication between the field and office for faster inspections, increase managers’ efficiency in dispatching work, and improve technician's productivity with GIS mapping.