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Vtiger CRM empowers teams with the power of on deals, cases, contacts, and tasks.

Connect Vtiger CRM to view and share deal, case, task or contact within team.

Vtiger CRM empowers Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Implementation teams with the power of one view on deals, cases, contacts, and tasks.

Over 300,000 businesses use Vtiger to create delightful customer experiences that measurably improve business revenue, customer loyalty, and team performance.

The Vtiger's Sales and Marketing CRM boosts sales by

  • Helping sales teams win more deals faster.
  • Highlighting the most valuable leads to work with.
  • Enabling sales reps to track all deals.
  • Nurturing prospects automatically.
  • Alerting sales rep when to follow up.
  • Showcasing sales performance & insights.
  • Suggesting areas of improvement.

Vtiger's Help Desk boosts customer satisfaction & loyalty by

  • Enabling customers to find helpful information at an instant.
  • Letting teams define the flow of how issues are reported, routed, assigned and handled.
  • Automatically creating, routing, assigning and prioritising cases.
  • Letting support reps monitor, assign, & track progress of customer requests across multiple channels.
  • Proactively surfacing important issues that need attention to prevent escalations.
  • Making it super-easy for support managers to be on top of things

Vtiger's All-in-one CRM breaks silos between marketing, sales, and support teams by enabling

  • Marketing teams to capture and nurture leads.
  • Sales teams to score, track and close resulting deals.
  • Support teams to access complete customer history and provide exception support.
  • All teams to effortlessly share data and communicate, collaborate, and automate workflows across the company
  • With the Microsoft Teams & Vtiger integration,
  • View your Tasks, Contact, Deal lists and CRM dashboards directly within your team channels tabs and personal tabs.

Ask Vtiger Bot for your agenda for the day, View contact, or deal info by doing search via Vtiger Bot.