WeSoar: Future of Work Application

WeSoar Limited

New age talent and performance management, engagement and recognition for the post-COVID world!

HR went into deep sleep with Captain America and didn't wake up; until recently!


Post COVID-19, WeSoar is reimagining work and addressing the following:

  1. New hybrid work arrangements with Engagement under new and untested psychological stressors
  2. 120 year lifespans being distinctly possible with massive disruption to traditional jobs
  3. Careers portfolios spanning 70-80 years and portfolio of skills replacing stable competencies stemming from education


Our processes are built from the ground up in an omnichannel experience, with an unwavering obsession with user experience. Nudges from Behavioural Economics, Neuroscience, AI and positive psychology create a potent combination for real change. Our data-driven insights reduce subjectivity in important people decisions.


We offer:

  • Social Performance Management – Much more than standard OKR tools, WeSoar is built for the hybrid workplace, where people need to work together even when they are apart, we champion 3Cs – Cascade, Collaborate and Communicate. It provides structure to collaboration and brings focus on results. We also cover everything from annual goals to daily tasks in our integrated platform. Agile check-ins woven into the daily flow of work make it easy. We let the client’s needs determine the use case rather than force a rigid adoption of the tool.
  • 360 Degree Feedback – Our 21 Skills for the 21st Century competency framework wonderfully balances task and people orientation. Not just that, our model lies at the intersection of performance, reward and development, making it actionable. Irrespective of which competency model is used, our differentiator is unmatched analytics and a link to performance. Our unique algorithm automates IDPs and provides a starting point for conversation between employees and managers.
  • Engagement – We have built one of the first post-COVID engagement models in the world