Add-ons for WeTransact


Complementary add-ons that enhance your Marketplace journey !

At any point, you can be tempted to do more within your Marketplace journey. And WeTransact will always be here to support you.
That's why we're rolling out these add-ons. They're facultative, you don't have to use them if they're not useful to you.


  • Metering reporting - You may want to charge your customer on a consumption fashion. For that, you have the responsibility to track the dimensions and units being used. WeTransact takes care of the reporting to Microsoft. No need to deal with tedious APIs anymore.

    Example: You want charge for the volume of emails your customer are sending through your solution. You give the recorded volume to WeTransact and we'll take care of the rest. Your customer will then be billed for what it consumed.
    Here the email is the "dimension" defined. The "unit" definition is up to you - you could be charging for every email (unit =1), for every 10 emails (unit = 10) ect...
  • Additional Product Listing - You have already listed a solution with us and want to list one more ? This add-on is for you !
Eligibility :
  • This offer is designed for existing WeTransact customers. If you're not already - please visit one of our two offers: 1/ For the companies less than 2 years old 2/ For companies more than 2 years old.
Contact :
  • Please contact us for any special needs or questions.