Wipro Holmes Propel: AI Powered RPA

oleh Wipro Ltd

Wipro HOLMES® Propel (a Wipro IP) is an Artificial Intelligence powered Automation (IPA) offering.

About Solution:
Every year employees spend hundreds of hours completing tasks that are repetitive, mundane, and do not require any cognitive skills. These tasks are tedious, labor intensive, and prone to human errors. This leaves the employees with little to no time left for exploring avenues that require cognitive thinking and human decision-making capabilities.
Wipro HOLMES® Propel (a Wipro IP) is an Artificial Intelligence powered Automation (IPA) offering that helps manage, automate, and integrate digital processes. This solution has a capability of mimicking user behavior, and over time learns to do it even better.

Wipro HOLMES® Propel delivers automation in two ways:
  1. Attended Automation: The bots are triggered by the employees to initiate a process. Highly suited for front desk tasks, increasing compliance rate and enhanced customer experience.

  2. Un-attended Automation: The bots can work uninterrupted 24*7 or as per the pre-set schedule. Highly suited for performing Back-office tasks at scale. Eliminates errors and frees employee’s time.

Key Features:
  • Attended & Unattended Automation: Intelligent bots capable of working with or without human intervention, 24*7 availability
  • Visual Workflow Creation: Drag and drop function to allow robot script generation with minimal coding
  • Low-No Code Solution: Intelligent automation tool, ready to be used with minimal coding knowledge
  • Record & Replay: Capable of recording user task as set of mouse clicks and keyboard event, to self-create robot scripts
  • Analytics Dashboard: In built dashboard for real time monitoring of successful, completed, and active Bots, processes, tasks
  • Multilingual: 32+ language support including English, Arabic, French, German, Dutch, Spanish Portuguese

Key Benefits:
  • Reduced Cycle Time: Reduced Turn Around Time leading to increased efficiency and saved hours of Manual efforts
  • Accurate Results: Eliminated risk of human errors with near perfect accuracy

  • ROI Realization: Realize ROI by reduced operational costs by faster process execution

  • Enhanced Customer: Increased compliance leading to enhanced customer experience & elevated satisfaction

  • Enhanced Visibility: Identifies the right process for automation with enhanced visibility in processes & bottlenecks

  • Scalable: Ability to train tens, hundreds, or thousands of robots with absolute consistency in performance