ABM CustomsWare – eCustoms Declaration Filing

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CustomsWare enables filing of customs declarations directly with European Customs Authorities

CustomsWare provides both Middleware (integrated) and Solution options for managing customs declaration filing integrating your logistics process directly with customs authorities.

CustomsWare is adaptable to meet the demands and imperatives of the following business types; Exporters, Importers, Customs brokers, Freight forwarders and Logistics service providers. Enabling immediate and direct filing of customs documentation constructed from data from your ERP, Trade Compliance or Logistics Management Systems.

ABM Data is Partnering with Software Solution providers and System Integrators/VARs in the following solution areas; Customs Providers, ERP for Manufacturers, Global Trade Compliance, Logistics Management, Transport Management, Warehouse Management, Trade Facilitation etc.

With ABM Data CustomsWare you will gain the following benefits:

  1. Improved Supply Chain Control, Velocity, Visibility and Compliance

  2. • Improved Supplier Management
    • Validation against customs rules before submitting to the customs authority
  3. Reduce Administrative Costs / Reduced Total Cost of ownership

    • Low Cost of Change, and Great Cost-Benefit of self-filing
    • Reduced Errors, Reduced Delays and Reduced Support Costs
  4. Single point integration for multiple customs authorities

  5. • modern scalable cloud technologies / Cloud hosted or can be implemented in-house
    • Direct connection to customs authority and other systems
    • Support for the national customs system in multiple countries
  6. Multiple European markets supported with a common user experience

  7. Supported in all markets through parent WiseTech Global Plc

Customers can use CustomsWare 'out of the box' or configure it to work with their unique software, processes, procedures and customers. Evolving changes by national customs authorities present opportunities to business, as well as undoubted challenges. CustomsWare provides businesses with the software tools to meet their customs challenges with confidence and to exploit emerging opportunities.

Management of all customs declaration filing on one platform delivers operational efficiency and financial management benefits to organisations of all sizes, providing an overview of your day-to-day customs activities and making it easy to integrate and manage the interfaces between customs authorities and regimes, and your business systems. CustomsWare provides proven integration tools that can deliver customs data to your duty management, landed cost or other business management systems.