ESH Clouds 環安雲

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Safety for All. 讓環安衛管理變得簡單、快速、有效。

The ESH solution that will transform the way you manage your work

A management system designed specifically for ESH

We combine the practical experience of domestic and overseas experts and technical consultants, and discuss with many leading brand customers to turn the common work operations into baselines for individual modules, whether from ISO certification systems, various regulations, or supply chain requirements, companies can mix and match according to different needs to create a platform most suitable.

Farewell to piled documents and complicated spreadsheets

The work of ESH personnel is complicated, often needing to keep track of the laws and announcements scattered in various government agencies. We use cloud technologies and crawler algorithms to help reduce repetitive paperwork, freeing up time for truly valuable work!

Manage from the source following the PDCA cycle

The common management methods today often scatter data in different forms and places, causing difficulties in cross-factory and cross-unit operations. ESH Clouds automatically connects the data from each module to facilitate the collection and accumulation of data, which can be presented as performance, assisting vertical communication and management.

ESH Clouds 環安雲:
6 Main Functional Modules 無縫整合的六大功能模組

Legal Compliance 法規雲 - 法規鑑別及查核系統

  • 即時掌握各大法規異動,自動媒合廠區查核歷程
Chemicals Management 化學雲 - 一站式化學品管理
  • 從源頭輕鬆管理化學品的每個環節;進行申報、分級到現場標示及管理
Risk Assessment 風險雲 - 危險鑑別與風險評估
  • 符合 ISO 標準流程,風險管理的辨別、分級到追蹤改善
License Management 證照雲 - 證照及教育訓練管理
  • 主動式證照管理方案,智能比對缺失張數,產生派訓計畫
Action Tracking 行動雲-巡檢稽核與檢查管理
  • 從日常巡檢、自動檢查到事故通報,落實全員參與的最後一哩路
Indicators 指標雲 - 環安衛績效指標
  • 智慧戰情室,即時掌控動態,實現環安衛管理透明化