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Increase the visibility of your e-commerce products and get rich results from your Merchant Feed

WordLift Product KG Builder is the ideal solution if you are an e-commerce owner and want to get rich product results using only Google Merchant Feed. It is also the best way to help your e-commerce store communicate with Google's Shopping Graph. Last but not least, using the KG Builder, you will have access to a GraphQL end-point and dedicated APIs to interact with product metadata.

This way, you can increase the visibility and ranking of your products on search engines and get your products listed for free in Google Shopping. At the same time, you can improve the user experience by providing your customers with relevant information to their search. WordLift Product KG Builder can make a difference in your e-commerce and positively impact both organic traffic and sales.

The Product Knowledge Graph is an e-commerce-specific form of the knowledge graph. It is designed to make products understandable to search engines and voice assistants by enriching a brand's content with structured data.


  • Get free listings on Google by adding structured data to your products and building a Product Knowledge Graph

  • Increase your organic traffic by making your products suitable for rich results and voice assistants.

  • Reach a qualified audience and engage clients, giving them a better user experience

  • Save hours of work. The tool will do all the work for you

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