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An adaptive digital workspace that automatically shows relevant information and applications

What is Workspace 365?

Workspace 365 defines the digital workspace. It breaks you free from IT restrictions, saving hours dealing with burdensome processes. This empowers people to have a happier, more productive work-life. Offer a digital workspace that automatically adapts to people their role, device and more.

Our pillars of the digital workspace

    1. Simplify access to any application
    2. Communicate and collaborate more effectively
    3. Unite work processes and notifications
    4. Personalised workspace (based on your role, device, network and more)


Why organisations use Workspace 365?

    • Easy interface for documents (integrates SharePoint, OneDrive, Fileserver, Teams)
    • Access virtual-, local- and web applications with single sign-on from one central workspace
    • Engage with employees by providing news, internal services, dashboards and information in their workspace


Saving 10% time and cutting up to 35% of IT costs

Simplify access to applications using single sign-on and unite information to prevent people from fiddling between applications. Furthermore, we provide a workspace that supports your transition to the cloud allowing you to:

    • Reduce infrastructure and licensing costs 
    • Save costs on Microsoft office licenses by using our fileserver integration
    • Lower support, service and adoption costs
    • Maximize your Microsoft adoption

Plug-and-Play: integrate what you have today and tomorrow 

Integrate what’s available. Allow both IT and communication to leverage this adaptive workspace as a starting point. In our marketplace we have integrations with over 60 software vendors:

  • Remote Apps 
  • Document solutions 
  • Identity providers 
  • Media elements
  • Social intranets 

Our mission is to conquer complexity. Take away the clutter and bring what’s important to the individual with Workspace 365.