Xapix Data Integration & Transformation Tool

oleh Xapix

Connect and combine data from different sources and create REST or SOAP services

Xapix is a super fast, flexible, and user-friendly tool for data integration—and much more. For instance, as a “backend for connected vehicle services”, it helps mobility companies access, use, and monetize their data easier than ever by enabling connections between different systems. Xapix facilitates last mile data integration delivery at ease—and is your first mile of freedom across system integration challenges with partners.

API management solutions fail to address last mile integration challenges. Xapix is here to solve this by focusing on data integration at the core, either standalone feeding into an existing API management gateway or with both components out of the box.

Xapix is the go-to tool for even complex data integration projects:

  • Wide variety of connectivity options
  • N-to-1: Source data from multiple sources to one destination, for example from REST JSON, XML, or SOAP XML sources.
  • 1-to-N: Distribute data from a single data source to different destinations, for example to REST JSON, XML, and SOAP XML formats.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Convenient API editing (filtering, sorting, pagination…)
  • Strong transformation capabilities
  • Other functions: aggregation, analytics, and sandboxing

Xapix is here so that mobility companies can build data highways for next-generation services—and orchestrate their data offering easier than ever. The enterprise developer tool is independent from programming languages, hosting problems, and iterates faster than competing approaches. Xapix flexibly supports REST, SOAP, and popular database access protocols like SQL as inputs and enables on the fly configuration of REST or SOAP (currently in beta) as an output—you or your partners decide.