XQ Zero Trust Data Vault

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Cloud-based zero trust data access that encapsulates your data and delivers object level security

Data storage faces challenges with leakage, management overhead, access control and aging credential theft.

1. Centralized Responsibility Security Model, data and keys vulnerable in the same system

2. No chain of custody for data, opens customer to compliance violations

3. Data access and network access joint hosted, network credentials give complete data access

4. Open to aging credentials, ransomware and man in the middle attacks, hijacking token and credentials to exfiltrate data

Shared Responsibility Security Model
- XQ’s Zero Trust Data technology allows the customer to keep exclusive control of the encryption keys
Forensic level chain of custody and data sovereignty
- With a complete audit trail of every data object, XQ can be used to migrate, geofence, and protect data across disparate networks
Mitigates risks from misconfiguration or bad internal actors
- Separates network access from data access
Dynamic credentialing mitigates risks from ransomware and man in the middle attacks
- Protection and control travel externally with the data to blow up exfiltrated data

XQ Transfer elevates your network to zero trust data access by microsegmenting and encapsulating your data to control access both inside and outside your network, application or cloud.
Automated Secret Control
-Minimize data and maintenance expenditures associated with secure data storage, while simultaneously enhancing security and bolstering auditability. Each file is protected with dynamic credentials and policies that are not tied to the AWS environment.
Zero Trust Sharing From Your Cloud
- Data segmentation transforms Azure into a large and cost efficient zero trust storage service available, enabling compliance and sharing.

- XQ data rights management (DRM) crosses boundaries between environments and creates a unique secure chain of custody for each data object.
Data Encapsulation
XQ microsegments & encrypts data during transfer, meticulously tracking and controlling access at every stage of data's journey.
Remote Data Control
Turn exfiltrated data into digital dust by destroying or suspending keys.
Data Sovereignty
Data access controls and Data Loss Prevention policies enforce jurisdictional policies and geofence data access.
Simple Compliance
XQ is built on the NIST standard and provides proof of secure chain of custody for each data object for global compliance standards.
Reduce your blast radius to one. Data access credentials are unique to each data object.

US Dept. of Defense Zero Trust Data Policy
The Department of Defense published a Zero Trust Strategy paper on November 7, 2022, with the new strategy representing a significant change in the approach to protecting data. XQ is the first company to have a Zero Trust Data solution that has all seven components as defined by the DoD.
GDPR Data Sovereignty Solution
Organizations can meet data residency and localization requirements for GDPR by ensuring that data is stored locally and is accessed only in the country of origin. It is easily deployable across multiple systems and greatly reduces compliance and reporting requirements. Plus, organizations maintain a full chain of custody at the data packet level across disparate networks.

XQ Turnkey CMMC Solution
Companies doing business with the U.S. Federal Government must meet updated CMMC regulations starting in 2023. XQ’s audit assistance shows how they protect Controlled Unclassified Information as well as Covered Defense Information, and the corresponding NIST 800-171/800-53 controls. With its partners, the XQ Email, Data Transfer and Cloud Storage Solution helps organizations meet or exceed ALL 110 NIST SP 800 - 171 controls and the corresponding DFARS controls.