Xytech MediaPulse

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Facility Management System to manage operations, control costs and stay ahead of the technical curve

MediaPulse is the most comprehensive resource, work order and asset management solution on the market. From five-user facilities to enterprise systems with thousands of users, MediaPulse manages all aspects of your business. MediaPulse has tailored modules designed to support project management, rental management, asset management and personnel scheduling. With over 30 integrated and highly-configurable modules, MediaPulse is built to meet the needs of your business.

MediaPulse is deployed in over 30 countries and fully internationalized. It is specifically created to deliver transparent and frictionless solutions for all resource, media-based and transmission workflow requirements by optimizing management of your facilities. The interface is entirely configurable, consumer-grade and available on all your devices from any browser. Modules are available for all areas of business, including our Bidding, Purchase Orders Rentals, Business Reporting, Scheduling and Job Management modules. MediaPulse has point solution functionality for all discrete tasks, providing comprehensive management. The architecture not only allows MediaPulse to meet today’s requirements but also is designed to meet your future needs.

Solution Highlights

  •  Schedule unlimited people and equipment
  •  Configure the user interface for all devices on any browser
  •  Quickly access customized dashboards and powerful searching capabilities
  •  Elevate productivity across your organization with a 360-degree view of customers
  •  Configure user roles through specialized portals for different groups such as staff and vendors
  •  Configure KPI dashboards by role and task
  •  Fully automate report delivery on custom predefined schedules
  •  Utilize sophisticated document management capabilities across document types
  •  Track physical and digital media with quick and painless personalized searching
  •  Receive payroll rule alerts and instantly understand payroll penalty impacts
  •  Develop complex workflows, easily initiated from simple order screens
  •  Provide efficient, direct access to data through REST and SOAP APIs
  •  Employ sophisticated project billing and bidding functionality to manage all of your project transaction needs
  •  Leverage complete internationalization, with multiple available language packs and currencies
  •  Provide support across time zones and divisions through one interface