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We optimize sales of underperforming retail stock.

Platform optimizing retail inventory through AI-driven store-to-store redistributions utilizing. We identify and relocate low-velocity and unsellable products to thriving locations, achieving quicker sales at full price. About 90% of relocated products are sold without discounts and much faster, problematic inventory decreased by 50%. CX enhanced by decluttering shelves and ensuring product availability.

Typical Use Cases

Instead of heavily discounting, redistribute unsold inventory to stores within the same retail chain where demand exists.

Handling and logistics costs are only 2%-3%, offering huge savings compared to the usual up to 70% discounts.

The solution fits best to retail chains with multiple stores or distribution centers having a broad portfolio of non-perishable products. Although the key is avoidance of dead stock by precise predictive analyses there are always factors like inaccuracy in forecasts, minimum order quantities, change in customer behavior, safety stock for out-of-stock avoidance, etc. that will always be generating dead stock in retail. This is the field where we are strong and effective pain killers.

Solution Benefits

Increase profitability via inventory/working capital optimization
Significantly enhance working capital efficiency by reducing the capital tied up in low-velocity inventory. This optimization leads to a more agile financial structure, allowing retailers to allocate resources more effectively. This strategic placement reduces overstock and understock scenarios, directly impacting bottom-line profitability.
Reduce discounts while enhancing customer experience
Avoiding deep discounts preserves revenue while maintaining product value perception among customers. By making sure products are available in the right place at the right time, it meets customer expectations for product availability, thereby improving brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.
Enhance supply chain resilience
In a dynamic retail landscape, we enhance supply chain adaptability, enabling swift internal redistribution in response to unexpected disruptions or demand fluctuations.
Enhance branch transition flexibility
The solution supports retail chains during crucial transitions such as opening, closing, or remodelling branches, ensuring efficient inventory reallocation, and minimizing operational hassles.
Enhance sustainability and promoting social responsibility
We align with modern sustainability goals by reducing waste generated from unsellable items. This approach benefits the environment and aligns with consumers' growing preference for eco-conscious brands.