Zetta Genomics Limited

A certified platform for securely storing, enriching and accessing genotypic and clinical data.

Genomic medicine will ultimately affect everyone, impacting health outcomes globally.  Legacy IT cannot scale to meet the exacting demands of genomic data at scale.  Zetta Genomics is a pioneer in large-scale genomic data management. Its big data technology is designed to enable genomic medicine to rebuild the future of healthcare. 

Zetta is using distributed databases and best-practice security techniques to leverage genomic data benefits while protecting information security.  With XetaBase, Zetta Genomics is transforming genomic data management - reducing database lookups from days to seconds.  By putting the data into the hands of the people who need it, Zetta Genomics enables more effective interpretation of genomes and democratises immediate access to life-saving data.  

XetaBase is a suite of software based on distributed database technology for storing genotypic and clinical data:
  • Secure and fully certified data platform
  • Linear scalability
  • Increased data quality and consistency
  • Improved data access
  • Reduced cost through optimised servers
  • Real time knowledge exchange