Sizing Solved - no questions asked

oleh Zizr AS

Next Generation Shopping Experience

Sizing is front and centre of the user experience when shopping for apparel. Sizing solved is an essential building block in the next generation shopping experience. Zizr has reinvented sizing, solving that problem once and for all. No measurements needed.

A friction free and personalized customer experience

Your customers struggle to select the right size when shopping online. Buying the wrong size when shopping online is a bad customer experience and has a significant effect on profits, returns and sustainability. With Zizr, retailers are empowered with a prescriptive tool and understanding of each individual preferences of their customer, resulting in a better customer experience, loyal customers and more revenue. Our size-and-fit recommendation engine offers consumers an instant personal recommendation on the perfect fit, without the need for inputs or asking for body measurements, allowing retailers to build trust with their customer and offer a friction free customer experience.

How does it work?

We all have somebody from whom we could borrow clothing from which would fit. Might not be on all parts of the body, but maybe we can borrow shoes from one friend and shirts from another. Our digital twin technology is using advanced machine learning to compare preferences and commonalities across’s and find your digital twin who has the same products as you or the one item you would like to buy.

In their digital wardrobe found on their profile, consumers are empowered through our feedback module to tailor their fit preferences on actual products they have bought or have. Feedback given is then used to continuously adapt our machine learning algorithms to know each individual consumers’ preferences on how they like an item to fit. And fit is the key!