Solgari for Dynamics 365 Customer Survey

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Solgari for D365 Customer Survey enables you to extend surveys to voice, SMS & other comms channels.

Powering Voice, SMS and Messaging Surveys for Dynamics 365

Solgari phone survey solution extends and enhances the functionality of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice product to enable businesses to easily create automated surveys across voice, sms and more. The survey is converted into a phone or SMS survey by Solgari, using outbound AI dialing to call the recipients, then using text to speech to ask the questions. All the verbal answers are captured using speech to text to write the results back to Dynamics 365.

This powerful solution is making it simple for organizations to enhance their customer and employee feedback process, and to automate important business processes.

Staying Close and Consistent with Communications

  • Solgari’s goal is to make business communications easy and consistent, regardless of the customer’s preferred channel, while capturing all relevant data automatically in Dynamics 365.
  • Solgari for Dynamics 365 Customer Survey (powered by Solgari Automate) enables us not just to provide our automated phone and SMS survey capability, but to also deliver as part of a solution template that includes survey questions, workflow and reporting functions.
  • The real time survey information is directly integrated with customer and employee records in Dynamics 365 so that you can get all related contextual insights.
  • This automated and real-time communications and analytics capability differentiates the Solgari solution from all other products in the market.
  • The Solgari phone and SMS survey solution allows immediate customer feedback and typically, it has a higher response rate than with web surveys.

Typical Use Cases

  • Public & Private Sector: Check the health status of their employees returning to work as part of their COVID-19 response. The solution is used to call employees every morning and to direct employees for medical help if they are reporting COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Sales & Customer ServiceAutomated customer feedback to generate data on customer service or sales performance.
  • Education: Helping students return to the classroom safely through automated daily communications to check their well being.
Talk to us today about how Solgari for Dynamics 365 Customer Survey can transform your customer and employee feedback processes.

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