Prescriptive Pharma Artificial Intelligence coach M.A.R.C.

di Trueblue s.p.a.

AI is the new Business Intelligence.

Excellence in execution is the goal, but experience teaches us that more than 75% of field force users are struggling to follow a Strategic Analytical Process to drive good performance. M.A.R.C. is a Pharma Pocket Expert, ready to assist the user in real-time, a real source of powerful strategic hints, with access to already integrated data models and capable to learn from past behaviors and previous patterns. One of his strengths is about the leveraging of usage data to be proactive, providing the right information in the right way and at the right time, thus improving the quality of work and the performance through: • Simple and intuitive UX that «Mimics human behavior» • Application of AI best in-class technologies to the Pharma environment • Simplified access and enhanced power of existing data and company’s tools. In conclusion, M.A.R.C. is a concrete answer to the needs of the Pharma market, able to face up to the challenges of the new trends and technologies. KEY BUSINESS BENEFITS • Virtual Coach for Sales Force: he supports your Sales force to improve business effectiveness and better align to the Company strategy. • Integrated: he directly connects with all Company Information, both for sales and activities, and innovative data sources. • Proactivity: he enriches Business analyses with relevant and meaningful information & gives Sales Force a system of proactive notifications on data.

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