Viva Kickstart: 4-Week Implementation

Ingentive Limited

Getting started with all four modules of Microsoft Viva couldn't be simpler with our Viva kickstart engagement

Not only will we help you to deploy and set up Microsoft Viva, but we will get your organisation ready by fully understanding your environment and ensuring we follow & implement best practices throughout.

At Akari, we know how important it is to deliver real benefits of the technology you’ve invested in and how to manage successful change through detailed planning.

We believe it is about a ‘People First’ strategy to deliver impactful results. During this 20-day engagement we will walk you through each phase and ensure that a smooth project will be undertaken and delivered. You will also work with one of our Change experts who will deliver hands on training and show you to get the most out of Microsoft Viva, along with a walk-through guide to ensure there is training available that is accessible to all.

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