365 Modern Colaboration Governance Plan: 8-Hours Assessment for Cloud Collaboration Tools

Algen Solutions S.A. de C.V.

A 4-session Assessment to create a formal Governance Plan document for a quick and easy start on your Microsoft 365 collaboration solutions.

Disclaimer: This offer has no cost to the first 10 organizations that reach out for the offer and that enable us as Claiming Partner of Record (CPOR).

For the successful adoption of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive it's necessary to create a base model that enables a quick and easy start on how to manage and govern your Microsoft 365 collaboration solutions. The key goals are to create guidelines for internal and external access to your information in SharePoint and OneDrive, to define the Microsoft Teams settings and features needed for collaboration internally and externally, to create the compliance guidelines for security and privacy of your collaboration solutions, and to define roles and responsabilities for the management and provisioning of your information and data in your organization.


  • Guidelines for Provisioning and Naming Policies
  • Guidelines for External Access and Internal Collaboration
  • Sharing rules for SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Microsoft Teams Settings, features and Apps & Services guideline
  • Security and Privacy compliance guidelines
  • Enterprise Compliance Guideline
  • Policy recommendations to help enforce Office 365's Governance posture
  • Governance Plan for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive

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