Modern Collaboration Governance: 12-Wk Implementation plan for Microsoft 365

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We'll help you plan for functionality, environment security, business features, work capabilities, and user experience to successfully implement Teams, One Drive, SharePoint, and Office 365.

To ensure that security configurations, policies and protocols are met in the Microsoft Cloud, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Exchange services will need to be properly protected, governed and managed.

Microsoft cloud collaboration technologies create long-term value by accelerating digital workplace transformation and driving usage throughout the adoption process.

Algen Solutions will create a governance plan, focusing on SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and One Drive for Business to start your cloud collaboration journey.

To achieve this, Algen Solutions developed the following stages:

Stage 1: Cloud Collaboration Assessment

To help you understand your company’s current environment structure, status and enabled settings we will perform a high-level analysis of your Cloud Collaboration Maturity. We will then have a meeting with you and your IT Team to review the findings and insights to create a high level plan for your Cloud Collaboration Governance for Microsoft 365. You'll end up with a briefing document in which we'll explain the methodology used and the plan, the agenda for the next recommended steps and how to begin with your Cloud Collaboration Governance Plan for Microsoft 365.

Stage 2: Cloud Collaboration Workshop

In this Workshop we will show the key features and settings available through Microsoft Collaboration Solutions so that we can define the policies and guidelines. The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate the workloads that Microsoft Teams supports and determine the configurations, reports & recommendations so that you can create guidelines on how Sharepoint Sites and Teams are requested, approved and created; to demonstrate the SharePoint capabilities and interconnections so that you can create guidelines on how your information, the access to information and the information containers are managed; And to demonstrate the OneDrive configurations so that you can create guidelines on how to retain/expire/dispose of information in OneDrive for your organization.

Collaboration Governance Plan for Microsoft 365

We will provide you with a formal document for a quick and easy start on your Microsoft collaboration solutions defining policies, guidelines, features, settings and more. The goal of this Microsoft 365 governance plan is to establish policies, processes, roles, and responsibilities necessary to securely guide, manage, and control Microsoft 365 with a focus on SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and One Drive for Business. The document will foucs on:

  • Intranet information management
  • Microsoft Teams governance and collaboration
  • Records Management and Compliance
  • End User Roles and Responsibilities
  • Collaboration between all departments using Microsoft 365 with a focus on SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive.
  • Microsoft Teams will be leveraged for internal and external use.
  • OneDrive will allow collaboration with external parties/partners when approved.

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