Microsoft Security: 3-Day Workshop

Apex Digital Solutions

Develop a strategic security plan customized for your organization and based on the recommendations of Microsoft cybersecurity experts.

Organizations today are managing a growing volume of data and alerts while dealing with tight budgets and vulnerable legacy systems. Get help achieving your broader security objectives--and identify current and real threats--with Ready for Microsoft Security.

Ready for Microsoft Security includes a Threat Check and workshop intended to strengthen your approach to cybersecurity. In this workshop, we identify your key security objectives & priorities, review the threat check analysis, review the Microsoft Security value, and provide actionable recommendations and next steps.


Day 1 - Kick-Off

  • Engagement walk-through
  • Configuration of Threat Check, Azure Sentinel, and Endpoint Protection [optional]

Day 2 - Threat Exploration Report Preparation

  • Threat exploration
  • Endpoint Protection exploration [optional module]
  • Proactive threat hunting [optional]
  • Prepare Results and Recommendations

Day 3 - Workshop Day

  • Threat Results Presentation
  • Discovery Session
  • Customer Conversations; Cost Savings [optional]
  • Microsoft 365 Defender Demo
  • Discussion of next steps
  • Engagement decommissioning


  • Mitigate sophisticated and evolving cyberattacks before they occur
  • Gain an understanding of gaps in your current security environment
  • Develop a roadmap for your security strategy

For more information visit Ready for Microsoft Security.

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Our team of experts are certified in Microsoft platform and cloud solutions including Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows 10, and Azure.

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