Preclinical Life Sciences: 10 week implementation

Arbela Technologies Corp.

Ensure compliance, optimize the supply chain, and automate the business of life science

If you are a life science company approaching or in the preclinical phase of your evolution, ArganoArbela can help optimize finance and operations, supply chain management, and other mission-critical business functions with a rapid, fixed price implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.

We provide a custom offering not just for life science companies, but for life science companies in the preclinical phase, that can be up and running in 90 days or less. Everything you need to automate and fine-tune finance and operations at this stage of your growth is included:

  • General ledger functionality and features
  • Cash and bank account management
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable automations
  • Procurement and sourcing automation and optimization
  • Project management and data migration

You will also benefit from being able to later add custom extensions to automate workflows, improve data collection and analysis, improve customer engagement and customer service, and more.


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