Analytics Evolution: 1-Wk Implementation


Our team of experts will guide your organization along its analytics journey one step at a time, starting with immediate results for a targeted business function.

Analytics is a journey not a destination. In order to be effective with your corporate analytics you need to evolve them as your business evolves and grows. Our team of expert data scientists, data warehouse designers, report design, and analytic analysts will guide your organization through it's analytics evolution. 

From data warehouses, advanced analytics, machine learning, Power BI, Customer Insights - we will determine the business area to get started on that will net you quick results and build on that month to month.


Day 1: Define Target Personas & Questions

  • Conduct maturity assessment of current BI & Analytics
  • Define the roles for a business area with in a targeted domain
  • Define the critical questions to answer that drive all further analytics

Day 2: Define Business Model, Facts & Dimensions

  • Define the business facts and dimensions that surround those facts that will support answering the questions you are trying to answer
  • Determine the sources of that data such as Dynamics 365

Day 3: Create Semantic Layer

  • Create semantic layer that maps from your sources to the data warehouse for enabling the presentation layer

Day 4: Create Presentation Layer & Validate Questions

  • Create presentation layer for targeted persona's that answer defined questions with Power BI
  • Includes desktop & mobile presentation layer designs
  • Validate the presentation layer tells the proper story for the questions we are trying to answer & validate flow of the story

Day 5: Deploy & Training

  • Deploy the solution to the business area and targeted domain
  • Train users on access, usability